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Science-based Prevention practices are those strategies, actions or approaches to prevention that follow established research and evaluation protocol. Best Practices are those demonstrating success by following such rigor.

As a guide for understanding science-based prevention practices, the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention provides a publication titled “Science-based Practices in Substance Abuse Prevention: A Guide”. While recent reports indicate a leveling or decrease in substance use among our nation’s youth, drug abuse remains a problem in our country. There were 14.8 million current users of illicit drugs in 1999 representing 6.7 percent of the population 12 years and older. Our job in prevention is far from finished. For a copy of the guide, see:

Science-Based Practices in Substance Abuse Prevention: A Guide
This 120-page document is an excellent guide for gaining an understanding of science-based prevention. It contains a section identifying prevention principles by domain and gives full references to the research that supports them.

Science-Based Prevention Programs and Principles 2002
Effective Substance Abuse and Mental Health Programs


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